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Low season

Minimum rental of 3 days
01 Jan. to 31 Mar. | 10 Oct. on 20 Dec.

Average season

Minimum rental of 5 days
01 Apr. to 30 Jun. | 01 Sep. on 10 Oct. | 20 Dec. to 31 Dec.

High season

Minimum rental of 7 days
01 Jul. to 30 Aug.


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Challenger V217
From 125€ /day
140 hp


4 people


6,36 mts
Pilot 650
From 175€ /day
140 hp


4 people


6,49 mts

What should I do to rent a motorhome?


Select a motorhome

From our range of motorhomes, choose the one that best suits your needs.


Make a reservation

Once you have selected a car, send an e-mail with the dates you want to Once availability is confirmed, pay 50% of the total rental price and send your driver's license, ID card and/or passport.


Picking up the motorhome

When you pick up the motorhome, you must pay the remaining 50% of the rental fee and the respective security deposit, by credit card, in the amount of €2,000.


Ready to go

Once everything has been validated at the checkout, you can continue your journey.



On the day the motorhome is returned, it must be delivered in the conditions previously agreed.


Share your experience

After the trip, you can also share your experience by leaving your testimony on our social networks.

Answers your questions

After contacting the company, by phone or email, the customer is informed about the rental conditions, and is requested to provide the following documents for booking purposes:

  • Citizen Card;
  • Valid PT Driving License;
  • Sending 50% of the total rental;
  • Credit card for deductible purposes worth €2,000.00.

After receiving these documents, the vehicle will be reserved for the desired dates. In case of cancellation by the customer, the deposit will not be returned.

In our facilities. Here the operation of the various existing devices will be explained. The customer can come in their vehicle and leave it at our facilities, without any additional costs.

The customer is responsible for the vehicle during the rental period, which means that all damages, traffic violations, or others, will be forwarded to them.

Yes, an additional fee of €250 will be charged (for dogs and cats). No other animals are allowed.

The insurance is for own damages, in which damages for which the customer is responsible up to €2,000 are paid by the customer, via credit card or others. From there, it’s the insurance company.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, no replacement vehicle is provided, and customers are transported by Roadside Assistance to the address they request. In this case, the amount corresponding to the remaining days will be refunded.

If the damage is due to the customer’s negligence, no amount will be refunded, and the security deposit will be debited for the damage and time during which it is unusable.

It is possible to travel only to countries that adhere to the Green Card (mostly European countries).

No. If there is a smell of tobacco, the customer will be charged €250 cleaning fee.

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